OASIS Piscinas, Tennis Courts


The floors of the tennis courts and multisport complexes built by Oasis minimize the impact on muscles, spine and joints, allowing you to enjoy your sports floor in a healthy fashion for years, without the need of maintenance.

Tennis Courts Construction

To practice sport is evermore a necessity, and to have quality equipments is not a luxury, it is also a need. Health is nowadays a fundamental asset that we should preserve. To invest in the usage of sports equipments is one of the best ways to ensure incomparable well-being levels. Oasis' tennis courts and multisport complexes use modern construction techniques with several floor types which will make your plays worthy of champions. Everywhere in the Algarve, our experience guarantees the best decisions according to your reality, the best service, price and deadline.
Oasis has modern construction techniques, several floor types and quality equipments for the construction of tennis courts and multisport complexes.