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Villas and Houses Construction


The construction of your house should be trusted to professional and technically qualified companies. A house, regardless of its dimension, requires profound technical knowledge, up-to-date technology, knowledge about new materials, among other skills. These are the requirements you will find at Oasis. We build bioclimatic houses which save you money and make your house healthier, more comfortable and durable. The diversity of our constructions are proof of the trust in our company's quality.
Oasis provides a better environment for everyone in a sustainable way and according to the current standards in civil construction quality, such as:

  • To automatically ensure the following of the national legislation;
  • To ensure the future buyers and users, healthy buildings with a high standard of thermal and hygrometry comfort, quality of the interior air, durability, natural light and earthquake-resistance capacity;
  • To ensure reduced energy consumption in the services and housing buildings while keeping the high quality standards.
Oasis has excellent results (verified since 1992) in the bioclimatic design and construction of houses. The solutions used offer great energy efficiency, comfort, added durability and an adequate earthquake-resistant structure.